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Dark Side

by Vingador

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eddienumbers This classic traditional thrash metal band started with the name "Dark Side" back in 1999. This collection includes all the recorded material from that time.

Suggested Download: 9/29/18

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Tolerance 03:54
The story begins When you trust someone And tell ´em not to tell the secret to anyone The secret spread its legs and knife your back They fuck with you to keep their safety neck People are selfish False and liar They never think of your kind when they set you on fire And when I meet somebody with this poor weak mind I have to keep my head up and stand to survive When I know I’m right And they put me down They try to make my day the worse enough to shout They try to change my way but I know who I am And I have to fight for what I know that makes me sane Always so kind never fucking my friends But there is a line of tolerance in my head by crossing this line being selfish and cold I’m not responsible for what I’ll do, like I told Truth shall never disappear Day by day your end is near Behold your mistakes when is late to regret Fall in tears when your mask is down your fear turns so real loneliness shall ride your boat to a never-ending seal
Hellstorm 04:22
We´re the revelation, we´re ready to kill And we got no sorrow, we´re the pestilence of your will We will bring our nation with evil we´re made We will kill the sinners because we are insane! And we got the Evil surrounding our heads Casting black magics, the blood rains when you´re dead! Die!! Dark clouds of terror close up the sky Beneath dark thunders the Hellstorm vanish the life Rainning red in the dark, you taste bitter blood Is this just a reign in blood or is this blood from your guts?!? And we are the warriors the devil have done Belial is the power of the Necronomicon You see our madness destroying lands Killing your children, blood in our hands You know this has been planed since you´re born We are the Hellstorm, we´re Satan sons! The judgement is coming to hammer you down Pray for your god today and sharp you sword to battle now Even battling on your fields you can´t cut us down Battling in the darkness, darkness is our bloody crawls Now that you have gone to the out world with us It´s time to join the hellstorm, show your wrath and your lust! Blood!!
Suffer - I spill blood from my eyes Fire - Burn my skin, I start to die Ashes - The shadows are waiting my wrath Dying - The life is gone, I see my death Oh! Ashes of fire! No! No more sorrow! Oh! Ashes of fire! No! No tomorrow! Evil curse - Breaking all the gospel walls Seeking - Searching for my scraped soul Falling - The abyss is unknown for me Crawling - I set my soul to be free Oh! Ashes of fire! No! No more sorrow! Oh! Ashes of fire! Yeah! Death on fire! Ashes, all I am is ashes Ashes of the fire Fire of my soul Feeling no more pain Deep inside of me All I fell is agony ! No !
Anytime, anywhere There are things in the air From their graves, to your soul Death, take my hand and let me go Certain night in the winter frost Something disturbed my mind I woke up very scared I realized that I was blind So I saw, I was standing My body was on the floor A cold hand touched my shoulder I turned around and it was death I look around All of their faces They just want to Take me away Told me the Death: “Your grave is the hell And you´re dead now There´s nothing to tell” Surrounded by evil spirits Now I was in hell Agony - Take my soul Make me that spell Now I know - I understand The evil has the power After all - I follow Death We belong to the dark side !
Filantropia e pacifismo burguês Alimentam a miséria a custa de isenção Enquanto o povo produz, eleva a escravidão Aumentando a fúria de sua explosão O latifúndio tem suas armas e sua legislação Essa paz é sectária e serve a opressão Sangue nos olhos e armas nas mãos Pois o caminho justo é a revolução Enquanto o povo morre em filas de hospitais E a guerra imperialista mata muito mais Vem a fome que te mata e também mata em paz Pois a paz não matará a nossa fome jamais Esmagaram, torturaram depois pedem a paz Marchando sobre um povo que sofreu demais Já tiveram vários focos de rebelião Por nossos campos e cidades, por nosso sertão Em Canudos destruiram uma insurreição De um povo resistente com convicção Garantido pelas armas de seus generais O estado é o mesmo desde a sua criação E agora só nos resta esta opção Resistência, luta armada e revolução
Have no Fear 04:08
Hey my dear friend, what’s wrong with your face? Why are you scared if I’m still the same? I just wanna nail your eyes and tearing limb from limb Grind your flesh, impale your corpse, rip and dress your skin Hey my dear friend, do you remember our old days? We used to drink beer and have spree in our own ways Now I don’t wanna drink beer, I wanna drink your blood But still my friend, have no fear, your flesh tastes good! I know you, I know when you have fear Don’t you worry, because I’m always near Don’t run, don’t cry, don’t be shy when I take your life You surely want this deadly gift and you won’t think twice In your darkest hours you already wanted to cry Troubles in your life was bothering you enough to die I shall ease your pain, my friend, don’t need to say a word I’ll crush your bones so fast that your head will explode Fuckin’ hell, what have I done? My friend is dead, his piece´s everywhere Gore and brain stuff in my hands Two days are gone, it stinks in the air His grinded flesh now feeds the vultures His eyes the fishes, his bones the dog Now my friend rest in peace in death His soul is flying to heaven to meet "God"
Young german facing death 1939 Shall their leader save them all? Third reich rises Became a soldier, Panzer division The Nazis declare war For the sake of Germany and the arian race Keep marching on From the ashes the Nazi Party rises Lost their mankind in a bloody lie Final solution is a genocide With iron fist and their twisted minds Darkness have fallen upon the world Man rights demise The fear of leaving his family in misery Strong is his will to fight The holocaust, the concentration camps The pride to kill, to die The horror lives in his eyes now Lost children in the night Their pride was a huge mistake 1945 Surrounded by the mighty Red Army In a bunker, a suicide The soldier is back, at home he sees The taste of bitter mourning He stares and suicide: his children shot dead His raped rotten wife
Yellow Crew 05:31
The Yellow fucking car is at your door Three of them are waiting for the fourth In ten seconds they Reach the fucking bar The base of operations of the war We don´t believe in The fucking Christianity Our heads are all over in The thoughts of master Jim The horseman are here to make You fall, you fucking fake The Yellow Crew will show How the blood of posers flows Ramon Fest is ready to begin Celebrating anal cunt and all the sins The master of six fingers Awaits in the Curve Bar Loaded of beer and twelve´s whiskey - hey! Trucker - The black magic preacher Metal Crew Boss - The mobile attitude Cirrozzy - Leads the crew down to Hell Coneman - The idol of the teen sluts The night is over, now it’s time to seek The house of all the fucking fallen weak All the Yellow Crew Is more than fucking drunk In their houses we throw cones and junk
Pestilence 04:20
It is known that through the time Species has born and died Survive – Complete the circle From birth to death they fight So many kinds, so many ways The best adapted shall remain Food chain – Hunters and prey Host and parasite and scavengers Bio-chemical constant changes Adaptation to environments Born a blind selfish pestilence To turn all life into a pale death But there’s a kind of mammal That got off the line They kill – Destroy everything To suppress their human hunger Opposite thumb, intelligence Genetic tools used to destroy Pestilence – The plague homo sapiens The infamous violator Mankind and its ignorance Make a self-destructive fate Their gods – Their own creation To excuse all the crimes This is even used to deny The principle and origins of life Therefore – Don’t understand Never respect, destroy until all is dead


released November 10, 2012


all rights reserved



Vingador Macaé, Brazil

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