Let the Hate Flow [EP]

by Vingador

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Brazilian version EP.

The Japanese version contains a bonus track, Hellhound cover entitled 'Samurai Warrior',


released February 13, 2016

Recorded, mixed and produced in december 2015 at D.Q.G. studio; Cabo Frio/RJ - Brazil, by Vingador and Davi Baeta.
Lead vocals in ‘Guerrilha’ by Diego Neves;
Cover art concept by Diego Neves and Alexandre Cabral. Cover art and layout by Alexandre Cabral.
Executive producer: Ader Jr.


all rights reserved



Vingador Macaé, Brazil

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Track Name: Warlords
To take a look on mankind's wars
You must see the lords of the lands
Manipulation as a tool
You'll see a goal of justice and peace

I see insanity
Behind the eyes of warlords
They kill their kind for greed
For greed they make their laws

The soldiers die for their nation
Like cattle lined to the slaughter
As people pray for a fiction god
They kill and die in genocide

I'm not surprised, they’ve played this game before
Hunger to domain, ultimate power
Excuse for demise
These are the crafts of warlords

Spilling blood of innocents
killing and stealing is intend
devastation of the lands
to supply their greed with oil of shit

all the ways of cruelty
We refuse and you will bleed
all the damn we shall creep!
Track Name: Whata Fuck is This?!
Whata Hell
Metal sound
In Metal scene
Expect true freedom space

Cool metalhead
Sneak inside
In a holy quest
With their moral in Christ

Whata fuck is going on?
The oppression hand is not welcome here

Buskin and knifes
The white pride
Hate minorities

Moral vomit
Christian fuck
Fascist bastard
Just fuck off and die

Now there is those guys
Against that all
Still fall in disgrace
Contradiction blames

To tame and abuse
Whether she wants or refuse
Subduing in plain sight
Under Metal flag

Whata fuck is going on?
The oppression hand is not welcome here

In the underground
In the counterculture
Voice of minorities

But the time has come
to segregate
Track Name: Guerrilha
O Rifle responde força com fogo
Você tem um ideal
Meio caminho entre vida e morte,
entre herói e assassino
você Precisa lutar

Guerrilha por liberdade
Guerrilha em busca da verdade

Todos cegos
Só você vê a luz
Ao vencedor resta a história
De que vale a vida de alguns em troca de milhões?
Luta sozinho, luta por todos
Track Name: Let the Hate Flow
How long can you stand this moral full of crap
Opressing your rights, opressing you life

They don't seem to care, will force you if you dare
Active voice, a new man for a new society, fuck yeah!

The power of the people is the people itself
Direct action, breaking chains, light up molotov and..

Chaos - In your home
Chaos - In your Job
Chaos - In the streets
Chaos - to built a new life

The state stands
only for themselves
Monopoly of force

It's time to think
It's time to fight
Class struggle for people's rights

Feel your hate
Raise your hate
Let your hate Explode

Hate! Hate! Hate!...

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